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Small traces of Dioxin have existed in our environment sense the begging of time, the process that is required for itís creation is so simply, that it could occur naturally under many conditions such as forest fires, and volcanos. However those amounts were insignificant compared to the levels being created today. The threat posed by Dioxin, was released upon the world by the increasing demand for a chemical known as Chlorine. During the early 1900 chlorine was found to be an effective disinfectant, and as a result became widely used for water purification. However itís uses began to spread, from cleaners to plastics, the modern world became reliant upon this substance. The harmful effects caused by Dioxin were discovered during the 1950's as a result of pesticide contamination experienced by factory workers. However the true significance of the problem was only realized in 1970's. During this time, a herbal pesticide known as Agent Orange was widely used during the Vietnam war. This product was heavily contaminated with Dioxin. As a result all those that came in contact with it became severely ill. Following the war, Dioxin was exposed as a serious problem to human health. The objective of this study is to provide an in depth view of the serious threat posed to our society by the chemical Dioxin. To do so, it is necessary to explore in greater detail the process under which it is created. The characteristics of this chemical that make it so persistent and harmful. And also the impact on society, and human health that is posed. In this study I will also attempt to make recommendations regarding to how we should handle this problem, and also the consequences that may result if nothing drastic is done.