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So we have a problem, what can we do about it? The answer to this is rather simple, if you have a problem get rid of itís source. In a perfect world people would care more about the world they live in. They would get rid of all those nasty incinerators, there by solving the Dioxin crises, as well as a few other pollution issues that go along with that. However we do not live in a perfect world, in reality people care more about themselves and their money, then the future of their race. For that reason I believe that the first step to dealing with the Dioxin problem can be achieved thought education. If we make enough people aware of the problem and how it effects them, then Iím sure they would be more willing to do something about it. One of the things that I think is somewhat cleaver is the governments add campaign against smoking. Although I think that itís a big waste of money (people donít want to be told what to do) the idea behind it is quite good. If for instance, we put a warning label on all beef and beef related products, ďPRODUCT COULD CONTAIN DIOXINĒ- ďMAY GIVE YOUR CHILD A SECOND HEADĒ. Iím very confident that if something like this was attempted, our Dioxin problem would be dealt with very fast! Perhaps one day we may desire to deal with dioxin, so what could we do? Well, a good start will be to get rid of PVC sense it contributes so much to the production of Dioxin. There are many alternatives available to PVC, all that is needed is a large enough demand. Then again, why get rid of only one problem then we can solve so many more at the same time. Soon enough our resources will be running low, and I believe that key to our survival will be to learn more effective means to re-using our products.. Instead of burring and throwing stuff away, with a little ingenuity we could find effective means to use them again.