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In conclusion, I would like to state that Dioxin is one of the worst problems that humanity has ever released upon itself. It has bean proven by the EPA, to be a serious threat to human health, and unfortunately it has already mannaged to infect the majority of the general population. One of the things that frighten me so, is lack of attention this problem has receiving. I must admit that before starting work on this study, I didnít know or really care to much about Dioxin. However my opinion has changed. If every person had this opportunity to learn more about the problems facing our society, then Iím sure this world be in much better shape. Thought the use of my model, I have also found that dioxin with continue to pose a serious threat for many years to come. Despite the emission reductions put in place by the government, the levels of dioxin getting emitted in to the environment will remain substantial. The only way to stop the spread of this contamination, is to halt the production of dioxin all-together.